Waterland Song

Adriano Smaldone Francesco Giarrusso

Documentary / miniDV / 32’ / 2009

Rocks, fields, vegetation that devours the uninhabited houses and that re-appropriates itself of what it was taken by man. The action of time on man and of man on things, their gestures and their memory.
David, wood-mask sculptor, and Adélia, ancient songs connoisseurs, are the characters of this movie, set in Trás-os-Montes, northeast of Portugal. They testify the neglect condition of this land, where survive traces of a prehistoric ocean.

with Adélia Garcia and David Afonso Image Adriano Smaldone and Francesco Giarrusso sound Adriano Smaldone and Francesco Giarrusso Sound mix Nuno Carvalho Editing João Rosas Production Associartecine Distribution Terratreme Producer Susana Nobre *Associate Producer * Joeri Proot and Miguel Neves

    • Anamnesis - Encontro de Cinema, Som E Tradição Oral Vimioso, Portugal '09
    • FORUMDOC.BH - Festival do Filme Documentário e Etnográfico Forum de Antropologia e Cinema, Brazil '09
    • Extrema'doc Cáceres, Spain '09
    • Bergamo Film Meeting, Italy '10
    • Panorama - Mostra do Documentário Português, Portugal '10
    • FICA - Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo de Ambiental, Portugal '10
    • Maxfest Max Fiction&Doc, Italy '10
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    • Museu Abade de Baçal 2010, Portugal '10
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    • Theatron, Portugal '10
    • FMM Sines – Festival Músicas do Mundo, Portugal '10
    • Imaginaria Film Festival, Italy '10
    • TVCine 2 - Paid Channel