Every Day of Our Lives

Raquel Marques Joana Frazão

Documentary / 53’ / 2015

From the bride's room to the dance floor, through the situations created by photographers, we follow three couples on their wedding day. People working in the industry invite us to imagine the choices that the preparation of this day implies, the course of marriage preparation leads us to project the future that starts now: a daily life together. When looking at it - we all know how’s a weeding - EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES tries to think about the desires that guide our life choices, ideals of love, having a family, belonging to the community.

image, sound Raquel Marques e Joana Frazão editor Frederico Lobo, Raquel Marques e Joana Frazão sound mixing Tiago Matos produtor João Matos

    • Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisboa, Portugal '15
Ana Eliseu