The Secret History of Aviation

João Manso

Documentary / HD / 15’ / 2018

THE SECRET HISTORY OF AVIATION is a poignant reflection on that which rises and that which falls. Its title and narration are taken from a piece written by Manuel Zimbro, in which he muses on what it is that prevents man from being able to fly, and what impact this limitation has on the natural world. The images collated in this film trace the devastation left by the fires of 2017 – the worst year on record in terms of damage to Portugal's forests. It reminds us that to jump up into the air is, inescapably, to come back down to the ground again.

Direction and Image João Manso Sound João Manso Edition Tomás Baltazar Music Pedro Salvador sound edition and mix João Gazua Color Correction Paulo Menezes Production João Manso and Terratreme Filmes Based on excerpts from the book "História Secreta da Aviação" by Manuel Zimbro

    • Doclisboa'18
    • The Portobello Film Festival'19
    • Córtex'19
    • 12th Int'l. Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala'19
    • XV Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, Brasil'19
    • Vistacurta - Cinema, Diálogos & Outros Desvios (Viseu), 2019
    • Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal’19
    • Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh'20
    • 8ª Semana de Cine Portugués, Argentina'21
Hugo Henriques