Genesis 22

Edgar Feldman

Fiction / HD / 15’ / 2021

Underlying the religious function and impregnated in the collective unconscious, the archetypes keep making themselves felt at the most subtle level of human emotions, orchestrating and determining behaviour, since ancestral times.
This is an iniciatic journey through the Jungian archetypal labyrinths, without any pretensions of explanation.
Abraham receives a call. The Wheel of Fortune appears on the screen of his mobile phone. The voice of God is heard. To test his Faith and the submission to his designs, God orders him to sacrifice his son Isaac in holocaust.
Will Abraham overcome this Test of Faith?

With Manuel Wiborg, Raúl Wiborg Script Edgar Feldman Cinematography Gonçalo Roquette Costumes Lucha D'orey, Isabel Silva Sound and Sound Mix Nuno Carvalho Editing Edgar Feldman

    • Festival Ibérico de Cine de Badajoz, Spain'21
    • AVANCA, Portugal'21
    • Portobello Film Festival, UK'21
    • Dili International Film Festival, Timor-Leste'21
    • Entre Olhares - Portuguese Film Festival, Portugal'21
    • Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'21
    • 3in1 Film Fest, Portugal'21
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