Hybrid / HD + 16mm / 63’ / 2023

Martin recalls today, at the age of 58, his one and a half year stay in the Soviet Union in 1979. Martin was 15 years old and an innocent-looking kid. His parents, Communist Party militants, thought he was going to a safe place, a society that lived up to all their ideals. Martin traveled to Moscow, crossed the Volga delta by train to Astrakan. This was an initiatory journey for Martin. He fell in love several times, dropped out of school, slept in street benches and sold all his records and blue jeans. The com- munist ideal instilled by his parents was lost along the way. Forty years later, in this film, Martin decides to tell his story to his son for the first time, a story that has been a family taboo until today.

with Martim Santa Rita, Masari, Mateus M Santa Rita director Catarina Mourão director of photography and grading Paulo Menezes aip sound director Armanda Carvalho editor Pedro Mateus Duarte production director João Gusmão assistant directors Vasco Costa, Francisca Alarcão line producer Anastassia Kortsinskaja sound editing and mix Hugo Leitão design Francisca Alarcão

    • Visions du Réel, Switzerland'23
    • IndieLisboa, Portugal'23
Francisca Alarcão