Where I Grow Old

Marília Rocha

Fiction / HD / 98’ / 2016

Francisca, a young Portuguese woman living in Brazil, welcomes Teresa, an old acquaintance she’d lost contact with, into her home. While Teresa is discovering the place where she means to settle, Francisca craves for her life back in Lisbon. The film follows each woman’s adventures in the city and the deep bond of friendship that grows between them, forcing them to deal with conflicting desires: a will to leave for an unknown country and a relentless longing for home.

With Elizabete Francisca, Francisca Manuel, Paulo Nazareth, Jonnata Doll and Wederson Neguinho Script João Dumans, Marilia Rocha and Thais Fujinaga Art Direction Thais de Campos Photography Ivo Lopes Araújo Editing Francisco Moreira Sound Gustavo Fioravante Sound Design and Mix Carlos Abreu and Tiago Matos Color Correction Andreia Bertini Producers Luana Melgaço and João Matos

    Best Film - Festival de Biarritz Amérique Latine '16
    Best Film - Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro '16
    Critics Prize - Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro (Portugal, 2016)
    Best Iberian-American Film - Festival Cinematográfico Internacional do Uruguay '17
    Prize Kino Sound Studio - Jury Special Prize - Portuguese Competition - DocLisboa '16
    Prize Cineclubes - Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro '16
    Best Feature Film - Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro '16
    Best Directing - Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro '16
    Best Actress - Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro '16
    Best Supporting Actor - Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro '16

    • International Film Festival Rotterdam: IFFR – Tigers Awards, Netherlands '16
    • Internationale Filmfestpiele Berlin / Berlin International Film Festival Market Screening, Germany '16
    • Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Competition / Pesaro Film Festival, Italy '16
    • Filmfest München, Germany '16
    • Donostia Zinemaldia / Festival de San Sebastian /San Sebastian International Film Festival - Sección Zabaltegi, Espanha '16
    • Chicago International Film Festival, USA '17
    • Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro, Brazil '16
    • DocLisboa, Portugal '16
    • Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine '16
    • Festival de Biarritz Amérique Latine, France '16
    • Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, USA '16
    • Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba '16
    • The Palm Springs International Film Festival -, USA 2017
    • Art Of The Real - Film Society Of Lincoln Center, EUA '17
    • Festival Cinematográfico Internacional do Uruguay, Uruguay '17
    • Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife , Brazil '16
    • Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, Brazil '16
    • Mostra de Cinema Realizada Pela Embaixada Brasileira Na Namíbia, Namibia '16
    • FORUMDOC.BH - Festival do Filme Documentário e Etnográfico Forum de Antropologia e Cinema, Brazil '16
    • Festival Interncional Pachamama - Cinema de Fronteira, Brazil '16
    • Semana dos Realizadores, Brazil '16
    • Festival de Cinema Luso Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira(Portugal '16
    • Festival de Cine Global Dominicano, Dominican Republic '17
    • Göteborg Internaitional Film Festival, Sweden '17
    • Pune International Film Festival, Índia '17
    • Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, Brazil '17
    • Yashwant International Film Festival, India '17
    • Ojo Loco – Ibérique Et Latin America Film Festival, France '17
    • Cinusp Pauolo Emilio, Brazil '17
    • Cinema em Transe - Cine Sesc Palladium, Brazil '17
    • Belmont World Film, USA '17
    • CineLatino, Germany '17
    • D’A Film Festival, Spain '17
    • Inéditos/Passou Batido, Brasil '17
    • Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, EUA '17
    • Cinema Trindade Porto, Portugal '17
      • San Diego LatAm Film Festival, USA'17
    • Brazilian Embassy Film Festival, Líbano'17
    • Ourense Film Festival, Espanha'17
    • Curação Int’l Film Festival, Willemstad'16