Leonor Noivo

Leonor Noivo studied Architecture and Photography before joining the Lisbon Theatre and Film School in 1997, where she specialized in Editing and Directing. In 2006 she attended the Documentary Filmmaking course of Ateliers Varan at the C. Gulbenkian Foundation.

Since 1999 she is a script-supervisor and assistant director in fiction films and documentaries, and has worked with directors such as João Pedro Rodrigues, José Nascimento, João Salaviza, João Nicolau, João Dias, Pedro Pinho, Tiago Hespanha, Luísa Homem, Frederico Lobo, André Godinho, João Vladimiro, Inês Oliveira, Marília Rocha, Pedro Caldas, Rui Simões, João Botelho, among others.

She collaborated with several artists of the performance area, creating contents and video installations, with the companies Cão Solteiro, Teatro Praga, Clara Andermatt, João Garcia Miguel and Companhia Caótica.
She integrated training teams of Documentary Directing courses with Associação Corredor, Azores, in 2010, and with the production company Vende-se Filmes in KeLiKela project with young residents of Casal da Boba, Amadora, in 2011.
She provided training in the Cinema Course of Ar.Co coordinated by Luísa Homem in 2014 and 2015, and currently teaches Editing in the Sound and Image Course at ESAD.

In 2008 co-founded the Cinema Production company TERRATREME FILMS with João Matos, Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre and Tiago Hespanha. Since then she has developed her work, alongside with directing, as a producer in the coordination and monitoring of fiction and documentary projects.

She directed the films Aside Macao (doc, 2001), Mould (fic, 2005), InsideOut (doc, 2005), Assembly (doc, 2006), Airport (video installation, 2006), Excursion (doc, 2007), Later Day Saints (doc, 2009), Basic School 26 (doc, 2009), Other Letters or the Invented Love (doc, 2012), The City and the Sun (fic, 2012), Capeia (installation, 2015), September (fic, 2016), All I Imagine (fic, 2017) and Reynard (doc, 2019). Currently she's preparing a feature fiction script.

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