André Godinho

André Godinho André Godinho lives and works in Lisbon. Studied painting at Fine Art School, but quit when he started working as Extras Coordinator in a casting agency. After working on the film Capitães de Abril (1999) by Maria de Medeiros, about the Carnation Revolution, he applied to Lisbon’s Film School.
In school, he directed the film 6 Minutos (2002) and was awarded Best Young Director at the festival Curtas in Vila do Conde. He found Film School to be too conventional and narrative oriented so he went to study documentary with Les Ateliers Varan at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and started doing video for theatre performances, opening the scope of his work.
He directed documentaries like: MHM (2009), Faz Tudo Parte (2009) and No Trilho dos Naturalistas: Angola (2016); and fictional shorts with experimental narratives like: La Chambre Jaune (2012) and Ponto Morto (2014). He worked as Assistant Camera from 2004 to 2008 and has been working, since 2015, as Script Supervisor with directors like Ivo M. Ferreira, Bruno de Almeida and Valeria Sarmiento.
He’s also an alumni from Berlinale Talents 2015.
In 2018, he started directing for television the documentary series Armário (that ran for two seasons and was awarded Best Entertainment Show by Portuguese Authors Society: SPA), and is now directing the series As Coisas em Volta.
He continues to work regularly with stage performance, doing video for theatre, dance and opera.
He’s a frequent collaborator of theatre companies Teatro Praga (Lisbon) and Estrutura (Oporto), and he’s an informal member of Cão Solteiro Teatro whith whom he has developed work in hybrid theatre/film performances as video director, co-creator and actor.
He’s currently writing his first feature film, as well as developing other projects for television.