Third Floor at Doclisboa - Section Passages

28 | Sep | 2016

THIRD FLOOR by Luciana Fina
Portugal, Italy

2016 | Video | 2 screens | Loop projection | HD, DV | Colour | Sound | 27’

A building at the Bairro das Colónias [Colonial District], in Lisbon. A mother and a daughter. The aerial roots of a tropical plant that go down a stairway coming from the upper floor. The roots are the vertical mesh that, assisted by the horizontality of Luciana Fina’s two screens, weaves a precious narrative talking about generations, cultures, languages, relationships and affections. Fatumata and Aissato are the mother and the eldest daughter of a large family originating from Guinea-Bissau. Fatumata and Aissato talk, dialogue. The daughter translates her mother’s language and, by doing so, she brings to life speeches of love and happiness. The roots from the fifth floor, where Luciana lives, go down to the third floor of Fatumata and Aissato, invade the exhibition space and spread like rhizomes, finding correspondences and connections that cross the whole festival.

OCT 29, 2016 – JAN 23, 2017
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (Coleção Moderna) – Temporary Exhibitions Room