Wind vane

João Rosas

Fiction / HD / 40’ / 2020

It's summer in Lisbon and Nicolau is an undecided boy.
Among his doubts about the university course to follow and what kind of girl to choose for his girlfriend, Nicolau spends his days trying to figure out who he wants to be when he's bigger. The problem is, he's about to finish the secondary exams, he is already big, without having things clearer.
From indecision to indecision, Nicolau navigates in sight, with the only compass for his possible choices being the girls he is going to fall in love and with those he imagine as many possible futures.

Script and Direction João Rosas Direction Assistant André Silva Santos Image Paulo Menezes Sound Paulo Cerveira Editing Luís Miguel Correia Sound Editing and Mix Hugo Leitão

    • Festival Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal '20
Bárbara Assis Pacheco