Tommy Guns

Carlos Conceição

Fiction / HD / 119’ / 2022

In 1974, after years of civil war, the Portuguese and their descendants fled the colony of Angola where independentist groups gradually claimed their territory back. TOMMY GUNS gives a dual perspective on this struggle: a tribal girl who discovers love and death when her path crosses that of a young Portuguese soldier; and a group of Portuguese soldiers who are barracked inside an infinite wall from which they will have to escape once the past comes out of the grave to claim its long awaited justice.

with João Arrais, Anabela Moreira, Gustavo Sumpta, Miguel Amorim, João Cachola, Ivo Arroja, Sílvio Vieira, Diogo Nobre, André Cabral, Ulé Baldé, Leonor Silveira, Meirinho Mendes writer and director Carlos Conceição cinematographer Vasco Viana editor António Gonçalves sound director Rafael Cardoso sound mix Xavier Thieulin color correction Marco Amaral production designer Artur Pinheiro costume designer Patrícia Dória make-up Márcia Lourenço special make-up FX Oldskull FX - João Rapaz producers Leonor Noivo, João Matos, Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha Associate Producers Margarida Ventura, Carlos Conceição Co-Producers Virginie Lacombe, Arnaud Quesada

    • Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland'22
    • Sevilla International Film Fest, Spain'22
Artur dos Reis, Carlos Conceição, Gonçalo Castelo Soares