João Niza

Fiction / HD / 23’ / 2022

On a night like indistinguishable from the previous or the next, Carlos sees himself locked out of his bedroom. Beyond the door, a rat as taken over, without a courtesy call or warning. Carlos is forced to deal with a progressively eroded reality, unable to face what lies inside his bedroom.

with João Negrão, José Rato, Manuela Nabais, Hugo Almeida, Albino Bastos, Paulo Barbosa script and directing João Niza cinematography Tiago Carvalho sound Manuel Mendes art direction Ana Meleiro editing José Magro, Joana Góis, João Niza sound editing and mix Manuel Mendes color correction Tiago Carvalho design Bruno Rodrigues original soundtrack Ricardo Fernandes

    • Curtas de Vila do Conde, Portugal'22
Bruno Ferreira