Outside The Oranges Are Blooming

Nevena Desivojevic

Documentary / HD / 20’ / 2019

High among the mountains, a man endures alone in a disappearing village. Wandering through the misty nature, roaming between the walls of his dark house, he bewails his condition as a man doomed to serve the surrounding he has rejected.

written and directed by Nevena Desivojević creative advisor Tiago Hespanha producers (SRB) Ivan Milosavljević | Nevena Desivojević
(PT) João Matos| Leonor Noivo | Luisa Homem | Susana Nobre | Pedro Pinho | Tiago Hespanha editing Francisco Matos Morreira | Nevena Desivojević | Pedro Peralta cinematography Nevena Desivojević | Cristina Haneș
sound directors Cristiana Forte | Venice Atienza sound design Dane Vlaisavljević color correction Dušan Grubin

    Black Rooster Studio

    • Doclisboa, Portugal'19
    • Dok Leipzig, Alemanha'19
Giuliane Maciel