Destiny Deluxe

Diogo Baldaia

Fiction / HD / 30’ / 2019

Through a city that carries the weight of broken expectations and tough absencies, we follow the day of three young adults. César who got into a photoshoot by accident, Chloé who hopes to find a place to do her own work, and Helena who is back in her town for some days, only to find the living shadow of a loss. As reality keeps failing them, destiny creates a kind of virtual space made of memories, melancholy, and rare occasions that lead to a point when it all can be absorbed.

Script Diogo Baldaia, Maura Carneiro Cinematography Leonardo Simões Sound Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso Editing Diogo Baldaia, Maura Carneiro ​Production Terratreme, Areosa Cast João Pacola, Karen Tribess, Maura Carneiro

    • Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal'19