Leonor Noivo

Fiction / 16mm / 28’ / 2021

Maria starts to show signs of wanting to belong somewhere else: scales appear on her skin, roots appear on her legs, and she hears the sound of water - she dreams of being a fish. One day her daughter comes across her disappearance and reconstructs, through the memory of her gestures and meetings with her mother, a possible explanation for her escape.

with Alexandra Espiridião, Ana Teresa Magalhães, Lilia Trajano, Isabel Costa directing and script Leonor Noivo directing assistant Vasco Saltão image Vasco Viana sound Olivier Blanc, Rafael Cardoso, Nuno Carvalho editing Mariana Gaivão, Raul Domingues color correction Paulo Menezes sound editing and mix Hugo Leitão production Joana Bravo, João Gusmão

    Best Film - Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal'21

    • Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, Portugal'21
    • Porto Femme, Portugal'21
    • Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'21
    • International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands'22
O Homem do Saco