António and Catarina

Cristina Hanes

Documentary / HD / 40’ / 2017

A 70-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman share a candid and twisted relationship with a deadline. Trapped in one room, Antonio and Catarina are negotiating the terms of their relationship.

Director & Cinematographer Cristina Hanes Editors Tiago Hespanha, Cristina Hanes Sound Designer Tiago Matos Color Grading Frederico Delpero Bejar Cast Augusto Manuel Martinho, Cristina Hanes Producer Tiago Hespanha Distribution Agencia - Portuguese short film Agency

    Pardino d’oro for Best short film – Prix SRG SSR Locarno Festival '17

    Locarno International Film Festival – Pardi di Domani Competition, Switzerland '17

    DocLisboa, Portugal '17

    Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden '17

    TRANSCINEMA - Festival Internacional de No-Ficción / International Non- Fiction Film Festival, Peru '17

    Ji.Hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic '17

    Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal '17

    Há Filmes Na Baixa, Portugal '17

    True / False Film Fest, United States of America '17