João Vladimiro

Fiction / 16mm / 29’ / 2018

Anteu is born in a village where he’s the only child around. His mother ends up dying after a while and the father soon follows suit. One by one the people from the village start to disappear and Anteu, now a 17 years old boy carries on with his solitary life. One night, a dream awakes him: who would bury him?

with Luis Tavares, Zé da Cruz, Emília Cruz, Amélia Costa, João Figueiredo, Filipe Cruz, Ana Cruz, Gaspar Marques and Zé Pedro Cruz Director João Vladimiro Writers João Vladimiro with Luís Palito and Fredrico Lobo Production Director Joana Bravo Cinematography Frederico Lobo Art Direction João Calixto Sound Gonçalo Mota Editing João Vladimiro, Frederico Lobo and Luís Palito with colaboration of Telmo Churro Sound Editing and Mix Miguel Martins color correction Yannig WillmannProduction TERRATREME co-production Pomme Hurlante Films

    co-production Pomme Hurlante Films

    • Curtas Vila do Conde , Portugal '18
João Vladimiro