The House I Want

Raquel Marques Joana Frazão

Documentary / 66’ / 2010

A locked up house where one can play, windows opened, the stone house, a wedding dress, the plants no-one takes care of for months, goats, pigs and horses, rainy days and the pool left unused, the husband who went clandestinely to France, the tree-house to be built, round gates they didn’t let us do, upward mattresses to protect against the dampness, the house build for some 30 years and the unfinished house, the house of our dreams. It’s summertime, the month of August, in Vascões, North of Portugal. Many of the houses of emigrants, empty during the rest of the year, are once more inhabited. We visit six of them, guided by the stories of those who built them.

directing, image and sound Joana Frazão and Raquel Marques editing Luísa Homem sound editing João Matos color correction Pedro Pinho sound mix Tiago Matos

    • Cinemateca Portuguesa Portugal '10
    • DocEuropa.2010, Portugal '10
    • FMM Sines – Festival Músicas do Mundo, Portugal '10
    • Cineclube de Faro, Portugal '10
    • Semana Lusófona, UK '11
    • Festival Rotas e Rituais, Portugal '10
    • Galeria Quadrum, Portugal '11
    • Retrospectiva do Cinema Português-Varsóvia, Poland '11
    • Etaux Géneraux du Film Documentaire, France '12
    • Festival Emigrarte, Portugal '12
    • Panorama - Mostra do Documentário Português, Portugal '10
    • Cinemateca Portuguesa, Portugal'19