Guided Tour

Tiago Hespanha

Documentary / 60’ / 2009

Every year millions of tourists come to Portugal to discover the country, its people and its culture. A great number of them get in contact with several tour guides whose mission is to lead them in this discovery. These guides convey history and national identity. Guided Tour takes as a starting point the construction of statements and readings on these topics during a travel from north to south of Portugal.

Direction and Cinematography Tiago Hespanha Sound Adriana Bolito Editing Luísa Homem Production Carla Carreira Original Soundtrack Norberto Lobo

    Co-Production RTP

    Public Prize Indielisboa'09

    • Rtp 2 – Televisão Portuguesa'09/10
    • 17º Curtas de Vila Do Conde'09
    • Festival Dockanema'09
    • Festival Tous En Scène'09
    • Panorama'10
    • Mostra-Me, O Outro Lado do Cinema Português'09
    • Encontros de Viana'10
    • Cinesul 2010 - Festival Ibero-Americano de Cinema e Vídeo
    • Festival Músicas do Mundo'10
    • 15º Ourense International Film Festival'10
    • Geraldine'11
    • Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
    • Canal Futura'10
    • Fnac Portugal'09-11
    • Cineclube de Faro'10
    • CineTeatro José Lúcio'09
    • FMM Sines'10
    • Associação os Lusitanos'11
    • Cineclube de Torres Vedras'11