Active Life

Susana Nobre

Documentary / 92’ / 2013

New Opportunities were a portuguese education program with a focus on the academic certification of adults who left school early. Applicants will improve their academic degree from the re-elaboration and re-interpretation of his "life experience." These processes motivated workers to reflect on their working conditions, their training, their roots, producing a plurality of views about the school, emigration, the rural world and the universe of employment. Having its protagonists stories as a starting point, the film approches into a reflection about work in the contemporay world. This film was produced over four years work by the film director in a New Opportunities Centre.

Directing, Production and Image Susana Nobre Editing João Rosas Image adiccional Sara Morais, Luís Miguel Correia Sound Susana Nobre, João Matos Colour Correction Marco Amaral Mix Carlos Abreu Readings Luís Albino Producer João Matos

    • Doclisboa'13
    • Festival de Cine Lima Independiente'14
    • Extensão do Doclisboa Macau'14
    • The Festival Margenes'14
    • 23a Ediçao da Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona'15
    • Kinociclo do Individual, Braço e Prata'15
    • 37th Edition Festival of Cinema and Women'15
    • Brazilian International Labour Film Festival '16
    • The Global Labour Film Festival'16
    • DESOBEDOC'16
    • Mostra Cinetrabalho Itinerante, Maringá, Estado do Paraná'16
Tânia Afonso