The Nothing Factory

Pedro Pinho

Fiction / 16mm / 177’ / 2017

One night, a group of workers realizes that their administration has organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff.
Most of them refuse to cooperate during the individual negotiations and they start to occupy their workplace. So when the administration vanishes to their great surprise, they’re left with a half-empty factory...
As the world around them collapses, new desires start to emerge.


Director Pedro Pinho Screenplay Pedro Pinho, Luisa Homem, Leonor Noivo, Tiago Hespanha Cinematography Vasco Viana Editing Cláudia Oliveira, Edgar Feldman, Luísa Homem Original soundtrack José Smith Vargas, Pedro Rodrigues Sound director João Gazua Sound editor and mixer Tiago Raposinho, Carlos Abreu Color correction Andreia Bertini with José Smith Vargas, Carla Galvão, Njamy Sebastião, Joaquim Bichana Martins, Daniele Incalcaterra Producers João Matos, Leonor Noivo, Luísa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha Production Terratreme Filmes Internacional Sales Memento Films International Distribution – Portugal Terratreme Filmes and Portugal Film Distribution – France Météore Films

    • International Federation of Film Critics - Cannes Film Festival'17
    • CineVision Award - Filmfest München'17
    • Best Direction - Duhok IFF'17
    • Jury Award- CineFest Miskolc Internacional Film Festival'17
    • Quinzaine des Réalisateurs'17
    • Filmfest München'17
    • Karlovy Vary '17
    • Jerusalem Film Festival'17
    • New Horizons International Film Fest'17
    • Sevilla European Film Festival'17
    • Toronto International Film Festival'17
    • BFI London Film Festival'17
    • Festival International du Film de La Rochelle'17
    • Prishtina IFF'17
    • Rencontres Cinéma Gindou'17
    • Festival Douarnenez'17
    • États Généraux du Film Documentaire - Lussas'17
    • Jameson Cinefest IFF'17
    • Bergen IFF'17
    • CPH:PIX'17
    • Adelaide IFF'17
    • Pacific Meridian Film Festival'17
    • Duhok IFF'17
    • Calgary IFF'17
    • CineFest Miskolc Internacional Film Festival'17