The City and the Sun

Leonor Noivo

Fiction / 18’ / 2012

A woman and two dogs, inside a house, in a city. She finds in her daily gestures the remembrance of someone who has left. The sun blinds her, becoming aggressive, and just as death, she cannot look it in the eye - only its effect in the shadows around her.

With Sara Gonçalves Special Guest António Fonseca Directing Leonor Noivo Script João Gusmão Image Rui Xavier Sound Joana Pinho Neves Art Direction Nádia Henriques Grip Manuel Ramos Ligth Pedro Santos Editing Mariana Gaivão Color Paulo Américo Sound Mix Miguel Martins Producer João Matos

    Special Mention - Festival Curtas Metragens Vila Do Conde'12

    • Festival Curtas Metragens Vila Do Conde'12
    • Caminhos do Cinema Português'12
    • Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa'13
    • Ciclo de Cinema Contemporâneo Português, ESAD'12
    • Ciclo Novos e Novíssimos do Cinema Português'13
    • Mostra de Cinema Português no Espaço Canhoto'13
    • Cinemateca'13
    • TVCINE
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