Idle Road

André Godinho

Fiction / HD / 34’ / 2014

A young couple hit the road for a romantic holiday. They find a car that has been hit, and a dead woman on the side of the road. The couple is not that young. In fact they are actors on a film. 2 production assistants try to leave the set, but all the roads seem to hit the same spot: the set, where they find a dead woman that can walk.

With Rita Só, João Nogueira, Makoto Yagyu, José Smith Vargas and Soraia Chaves Written and Directed André Godinho Photography Pedro Pinho Sound Ricardo Leal and Miguel Martins Editing Renata Sancho Music Pedro Pinho; PAUS Production Bárbara Valentina Production João Matos

    • Indie Lisboa'14
    • Janela Internacional De Cinema Do Recife'14
João Maio Pinto