All I Imagine

Leonor Noivo

Fiction/Doc / HD / 30’ / 2017

End of adolescence, end of school, the last summer before joining the working world for a group of friends from the neighbourhood of Alcoitão, “BDA”. With no adults around there is an illusion one can do what one wants. André improvises his life like in a rap music, searching for a path that will allow him more freedom, escaping from what's familiar and close to him, but he’ll never manage to escape from himself.

with André Simões, Emmy Soares, Alba Baptista, Gustavo Vargas, André Marques, Finex, Abby Injai, Ermelita Capieque, Carla Monteiro, Zé Simões, Dulci Dji, Malan, Fatu Injai script Leonor Noivo e André Simões cinematography Vasco Viana, com João Vagos e Leonor Teles sound and sound mix Rafael Cardoso editing João Braz and Joana Góis music Finex production manager Joana Bravo assistant director Emídio Miguel

film developed under URB (Partis FCG) project:
production coordination Inês Luz artistic cordination Pedro Pinho project development António Guterres, Luhuna Carvalho, Andreia Farinha, João Melo and Carla Galvão

producers Pedro Pinho, Leonor Noivo, Luísa Homem, João Matos, Susana Nobre and Tiago Hespanha production Terratreme Filmes | OCT Terratreme Oficina

    • IndieLisboa'17